Work of the board of directors

Subsequent to the general meeting, the board of directors is the Company’s highest decision-making body. The board of directors is also the Company’s highest executive body and the Company’s representative.

Further, the board of directors is, according to the Swedish Companies Act, responsible for the organization of the Company and management of the Company’s affairs, and must regularly assess the Company’s and the Group’s financial position and ensure that the Company’s organization is arranged so that the Company’s accounts, asset management, and finances in general are satisfactorily monitored. The chairman of the board of directors has a special responsibility to preside over the work of the board of directors and to ensure that the board fulfils its statutory duties.

The responsibilities of the board of directors include e.g. to set the Company’s overall goals and strategies, oversee major investments, ensure that there is a satisfactory process for monitoring the Company’s compliance with laws and other regulations relevant to the Company’s operations, as well as the application of internal guidelines. The responsibilities of the board of directors also include ensuring that the Company’s disclosure to the market and investors is transparent, correct, relevant and reliable and to appoint and evaluate the Company’s managing director.