InDex Pharmaceuticals develops drugs that help patients suffering from immunological diseases. Our lead drug candidate cobitolimod, currently in late-stage clinical development, has a new and unique mechanism of action to treat ulcerative colitis, a serious and chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Cobitolimod therefore has the potential to meet the need for new, effective and safe treatments so that ulcerative colitis patients can return to a more normal life.

InDex also has a broad and patent-protected platform of DIMS substances (DNA-based ImmunoModulatory Sequences) in early preclinical phases. With their immunomodulatory effects they have the potential to treat several types of immunological diseases in addition to IBDs.

InDex’s vision is to be an innovation driven company focused on bringing drugs from the DIMS platform for immune mediated conditions to market approval, alone or in collaboration with partners, starting with the lead drug candidate cobitolimod.

InDex’s mission is to significantly improve the lives of patients suffering from immunological disorders by providing effective and safe drugs for diseases with high unmet medical needs.