February 5th, 2015 – InDex Pharmaceuticals today announced that the Board of Directors has named Peter Zerhouni as new CEO. Peter Zerhouni comes from a position as CEO at Diamyd Medical AB where he has been instrumental in bringing the company’s business and clinical trials forward. He will succeed Jesper Wiklund, who has led the company since 2011.

Peter Zerhouni (b. 1972) has a combined financial and biotechnology background with both biology and MBA degrees from the University of Lund in Sweden and the University of California, Berkeley, USA. Peter is since 2011 CEO of the publicly listed life science company Diamyd Medical AB where he also has been head of Business Development. He was a driving force behind one of the largest biotech out-licensing deals in Sweden in 2010. Peter has previously held various positions at ING Bank in Brussels and Amsterdam.

InDex Pharmaceuticals’ current CEO, Jesper Wiklund, has decided to leave the company to take on a position as Managing Director Europe at Oberland Capital, a life science focused investment firm based in the United States.

“We are very happy that Peter Zerhouni, with his long experience in developing life science companies from both a scientific and commercial perspective, will take over as CEO”, said Dr. Wenche Rolfsen, Chairman of InDex Pharmaceuticals

“Jesper Wiklund has done an excellent performance as CEO of InDex Pharmaceuticals. We wish him all the best as he pursues the new opportunity. At the next annual general meeting, Jesper will be proposed as a new member of the Board of Directors of InDex Pharmaceuticals. In this way, his broad experience will remain a significant benefit to the company.”

Peter Zerhouni takes over as CEO from April 1st, 2015.

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