Technology platform & pipeline

A technology platform based on the 2011 Nobel Prize.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine 2011 highlights the importance of the pioneering discoveries of Ralph Steinman, Jules Hoffmann and Bruce Beutler that brought the roles of TLR and the immune system into focus. Since the elucidation of TLRs in pathogen recognition over 15,000 publications have focused on their immune function and synthetic TLR agonists are being tested in clinical trials for their therapeutic potential in inflammatory diseases.

TLR lie at the core of InDex Pharmaceutical’s research and clinical development programs. By using a proprietary technology platform, the company has been able to design over 150 TLR9 agonists, called DNA-based ImmunoModulatory Sequences (DIMS), with the potential to be used for treatment of various immunological diseases. DIMS mimics bacterial DNA, without being harmful, and stimulates the immune cells to produce beneficial anti-inflammatory cytokines and helps to reduce the inflammation. The lead compound cobitolimod is in clinical development for the treatment of moderate to severe treatment refractory active ulcerative colitis.


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