InDex’s advisory boards support the strong InDex team, ensure clinical relevance of InDex’s studies, support increased awareness and enable outreach to achieve broad patient recruitment. Many leading experts are also involved in the development of the trial design and will be involved in implementation of the phase III program.

Raja Atreya, Prof., M.D.

University of Erlangen, Germany

Geert D’Haens, Prof., M.D.

Amsterdam University Medical Center, the Netherlands

Jonas Halfvarson, Prof., M.D.

Örebro University, Sweden

Laurent Peyrin-Biroulet, Prof., M.D.

Nancy University Hospital, Henri Poincaré University, France

Walter Reinisch, Prof., M.D.

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Franco Scaldaferri, Prof., M.D.

Catholic University of Rome, Italy