The nomination committee’s main duties and responsibilities are to propose candidates for the post of chairman and other members of the Board of Directors. The committee also proposes fees and other remuneration for the members of the Board of Directors as well as makes proposals on the election and remuneration of the auditor.

The members of the nomination committee shall be announced no later than six months prior to the annual general meeting. The nomination committee’s term extends until the next annual general meeting or, if necessary, until a new committee is appointed.

The Nomination Committee for the 2021 Annual General Meeting of InDex Pharmaceuticals Holding AB (publ) consists of:

  • Bengt Julander, appointed by Linc
  • Ivo Staijen, appointed by HBM Healthcare Investments
  • Sussi Kvart, appointed by Handelsbanken Funds
  • Björn Wasing, appointed by SEB-Stiftelsen
  • Wenche Rolfsen, Chairman of the Board (convener)

E-mail to the Nomination Committee: