Our mission is to significantly improve the lives of patients suffering from immunological disorders by providing effective and safe drugs for diseases with high unmet medical needs.

InDex Pharmaceuticals is a Swedish pharmaceutical company seeking to improve the lives of patients suffering from immunological diseases. Our mission is to develop effective and safe drugs for diseases with a significant medical need. Our current focus is ulcerative colitis, a chronic and debilitating inflammation of the large intestine that affects patients of all ages, though it is most commonly diagnosed when patients are 15-30 years old. Read more about ulcerative colitis here.

InDex Pharmaceutical’s lead drug candidate for treatment of ulcerative colitis is cobitolimod – a new type of drug in late-stage clinical development that has a new and unique mechanism of action.
Cobitolimod has a local anti-inflammatory effect that can heal the large intestine and decrease ulcerative colitis symptoms without causing serious side effects. Cobitolimod can therefore meet the need for new, effective and safe treatments so that ulcerative colitis patients can return to a more normal life.
With an outstanding combination of efficacy and safety, cobitolimod has great market potential. Given successful commercialization, the annual sales of cobitolimod are estimated to reach more than USD 1 billion. Read more about cobitolimod here.

Cobitolimod is part of InDex Pharmaceuticals’ patent-protected technology platform of TLR9-agonists, so-called DNA-based ImmunoModulatory Sequences (DIMS). With their immunomodulatory effects, meaning they help modify the body’s immune response, DIMS substances can potentially treat multiple immunological diseases.

InDex Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2000 and is located at Karolinska Institutet Science Park in Stockholm. InDex has a strong investor base with Linc AB, HBM Healthcare Investments, 4th AP Fund and Handelsbanken fonder among its top shareholders. InDex Pharmaceuticals Holding AB (publ) is the parent company of the Group, which also includes InDex Pharmaceuticals AB and InDex Pharmaceuticals AB’s wholly owned subsidiary InDex Diagnostics AB. Additional information about our corporate governance can be found here.